Hair Extensions

The price for fitting is £65, for hair and fitting is between £160-£600.

The price varies depending on technique, the amount of hair needed and the quality of hair that you would like. For a free consultation with one of our hair extension specialists please visit the salon or call 01535665387.



Micro Weft

Micro Weft Hair Extension application method is much quicker than the individual strand by strand micro ring or pre bonded method.

The weft of hair is placed horizontally in strips against the head.

Small sections of the clients hair and hair from the weft are gently pulled through micro rings which are then clamped to secure the weft in place, these sections are placed approximately 2cm apart. This is continued in sections until almost reaching the top of the head. No sewing is required to hold the wefts in place.

The first picture on the left were applied using beauty works hair and the micro weft technique.

Micro Rings

Micro rings are a great method for clients who do not want their hair extensions applied using heat and melted keratin. They are very popular with first time extension wearers.

Easy and quick to fit.

The micro ring method is applied using no heat, glue or chemicals.

The image on the right, with brown hair, was fitted using the micro ring technique.

Celebrity Weave

This unique application is ideal for many hair types, without the use of tight braids that are often used for sew in techniques.

The beaded track of micro rings that replaces the typical braid offers a much flatter position to the scalp, without the uncomfortable, and often damaging, tension of a braid.

This sew in weft technique gives a durable fitting without glue or heat, with the added benefit of being able  to re-use the wefts to reposition many times.

The picture on the left has used the celebrity weave technique. The client brought in her own hair.

Nano Rings

This incredible method has become the most popular hair extension method currently available.

Using specially designed hair extension strands, and rings that are 90% smaller than a standard micro ring, these extensions really are next to invisible in the clients hair.

Tape Wefts

A great method that is growing very quickly in popularity.Mini 4cm wide wefts are applied back to back, with the clients hair sandwiched in between. It is an incredibly quick method to fit – with a full head being fitted in as little as 45 minutes!

The method is suitable for all hair types, and adds instant volume and length in less than an hour!

Removal is quick and easy for the extensionist, and safe for the client.

The image on the right was fitted using the tape weft technique.





  • "Hi all. Just wanted to say HUGE thank you for my hair last week. You are all amazing and I absolutely love it. X"
    Emma Harris
  • "Had my Keratin Treatment done back in January. They have done such a good job that booked it again. My hair has always been hard to style but not any more. Well pleased with the..."
    Kera Straight
  • "I popped in on Saturday (day of 35 yr celebrations) on the off chance of a hair cut. Was treated like a VIP and Emma my stylist was great, I absolutely love my new hair style an..."
    Sue Clark

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Please speak to our ear piercing specialist to decide which is the best type of earring for you. Don't forget to ask about our silent gun.  You must be aged 4 or above. Anyone under the age of 16 must bring a parent/guardian.

Prices include aftercare advice and free ear care solution and 6/12 week check up.

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