ELGON Bleach Bath

Colour removing is a complex matter which most people don't understand. Here are some FAQ that should help tackle some of the most commen questions. If you have any additional questions or would like to book in for the treatment please do not hesitate to contact us on 01535 665387. Thank You.

 The pictures you can see are of a picture before the Elgon Color Remover, After the colour remover, and the final result once the warmth has been toned out.



·         What is a colour remover?

Colour remover is a way of taking dark/deep tones out of hair if somebody wants to go lighter.


·         Will it go back to my natural colour?

No. Previous colour has already permanently changed the pigment of your hair.


·         I’ve heard it will make my hair ginger, is this true?

When using any type of colour remover it will always go through the copper colours first. If this is an unwanted tone we can cancel that colour out.


·         Will I have to get my hair coloured afterwards?

We recommend that you do get your hair coloured afterwards. Usually there are bands of colour from the different stages that you have coloured your hair- so to make your hair look even you will need it colouring.


·         Can I get it coloured on the same day?

Yes you can, providing that you have had a patch test 48 hours prior to your colour appointment.


·         What’s a patch test?

It’s a small amount of colour which is placed discreetly behind your ear. It is to confirm that you are not sensitive to our Elgon Colour range.


·         Can I go home and colour my hair instead?

You may but we do not recommend this. As there are usually many different bands of colour and lots of unwanted tones you will need our professional colour correcting advice to make your hair look its best.


·         Can I go platinum blond after a Colour Removing Treatment?

If your hair is dark then this will be impossible. If you hair is lighter it may be able to be done. You may need several appointments to get you platinum blond. Please visit the salon to clarify. 


·         Can I have highlights as well as a full head colour afterwards?

Yes you can.


·         How much will it lift?

It is impossible for us to predict how many shades your hair will lift. All we can say is that we have had some very good results in the past and from our experience we usually can gage what shade it will come out as. Sometimes using certain high street hair products and years of overlapping hair colour will hinder the procedure. By all means we are happy to do a stand test first.


·         What is a strand test?

A stand test is where we take a small section of your hair from a discreet place and test with the products we will be using to see what the results will be like.


·         Are they any bad chemicals in it?



·         Will it affect my roots?

Yes it will this is why you will need our colouring expertise afterwards.


·         How long does the Colour Removing Treatment take?

It will take approximately 3-6hours.


·         I’ve heard bleach damages your hair, is this true?

Bleach used correctly does not damage your hair. Here at Hairavanti we always mix The Original Moroccan Oil Treatment into the Elgon Bleach Bath as this helps retain moisture, even out porosity, add shine and even helps your colour last longer! We usually recommend that you treat yourself to one of our Moroccan Oil hair masks- especially the one that contains keratin!


UPDATE: Olaplex was introduced to the UK in August 2015 and using this with colouring will help strengthen your hair in ways we were previously unable to manage. Follow #OLAPLEX to find out more.


·         Can I have a hair mask if I have an Elgon Chemical Remover?

Certainly, this way you can choose from any of our salon quality hair masks.


·         Can I use my student discount card?

As long as you have a current student discount card and you come between in onThursday then you can have 20% off the price.


·         I’m over 60, do I get discount?

Bring something that proves you count as OAP and we will give you 20% on Tuesday.


·         How much will it cost?

Elgon Bleach Bath will cost from £30 depending on the amount of hair you have. Hair colouring afterwards will range between £40-£80 depending on your requirements. The colour includes your cut and blow dry. Conditioning Treatments are between £4 and £12. Olaplex is £20.